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Product Branding

Product Branding With Your Logo & Personalized Packaging.

We Look After The Process from Start to Finish, Including Factory Sourcing, Supplier Evaluation, Branding & Labeling, Personalised Packaging, Sample Approval, Quality Control & Shipping.

Find out more about the process here.

Your Logo

Design & Placement

  • Your Logo Design
  • Colours & Specification
  • Placement On Product
  • Visual Confirmation
  • Final Approval

Personalised Packaging

With Your Printed Logo

  • Packaging Type
  • Design, Colour & Dimensions
  • Logo Printed
  • Personalised Colours
  • Approval Before printing

Contract Terms With The Factory

Including Packaging & Warranty

  • Detailed Specifications
  • Carton Markings
  • Production & Shipping Dates
  • Warranty On Products
  • Faulty Products Provision

Sample Approval

We Ensure All Specifications Are Correct

  • Material, Components & Workmanship
  • Size, Colours & Specifications
  • Labelling & Packaging
  • Confirm Product Quality
  • Signed Before Production

Order Processing

From Start To Finish

  • Specification Confirmation
  • Packaging & Labeling Required
  • Communication Throughout The Order
  • Interim Updates During production
  • Export Documentation & Shipping

Quality Control

Inspections To Check Product Quality

  • PPI – Pre Production Inspection
  • DPI – During Production Inspection
  • LTI – Lab Testing Inspection*
  • PSI – Pre Shipment Inspection
  • CLS – Container Loading Supervision

Documentation & Licence Checks

Including Verification Of Certificates

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Completion of Bill Of Lading
  • Certificate Checks
  • Licence Checks

China Customs Clearance

Document Presentation & Handling

  • Preparation Of Documents
  • Filing Of Documents
  • Customs Procedures
  • Payment Handling
  • Bill Of Lading Preparation

Shipping Arrangements

Booking & Loading The Container

  • Booking The Container
  • Supervise The Loading Procedure
  • Arrange All Documentation
  • Pay All Fees In China
  • Arrange Air Freight If Required

Delivery To Your Door
Arrangements For Delivery To Your Premises

  • Container Delivery
  • Lorry Delivery
  • Delivery Date Arranged
  • Delivery Documents
  • Signed For Delivery

After Sales Service

We Are Available 7 Days A Week

  • Full After Sales Support
  • 7 Days A Week
  • Instant Responses
  • Issues Resolved

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Leading branches

Browse selected categories and take a look at some of the products we have made. Maybe you can find something interesting.


Home appliances and Garden tools

Home appliances and Garden tools

China owns the largest household appliances and garden tools market in the world in terms of its volume.

Promo material

Promotional materials

From design, sourcing, production, legal, and distribution, we will deal with everything, helping you...

Toys and hobbies

Toys and hobbies

Almost 90% of toys are produced in China making it the largest industry in the Toys section.

Medical Supplies

Medical Supplies

Many companies have found how it is challenging to find qualified suppliers especially medical supplies these days.

Industrial machinery


Are you planning to find a good machine manufacturer in China to boost your business? Call us!

Lights and Lighting

Lights & Lighting

The growing demand for LED lighting in China stimulates the LED light market.