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Inspection Services

We are doing A Full Range Of Inspections To Maximize Product Quality & Minimize Defect Rates

1. Pre Production Inspection

This inspection is carried out before production starts to check the materials, components, colours, packaging & specifications are correct.

This is an important inspection to ensure everything is correct before any manufacturing starts to identify any possible errors which cannot be rectified after manufacturing has started.

Our inspectors check every component for required specifications and will pull out any items deemed not to be satisfactory.

The inspection covers the following:

  • Product Components & Colours
  • Specifications & Dimensions
  • Branding & labeling
  • Packaging & Markings

This inspection is carried out to AQL standards.

2. During Production Inspection

This inspection is carried out after production has started and to check correct manufacturing procedure as well as product testing.

Our inspectors will randomly check a selection of products for testing & ensure the correct manufacturing process and quality standards have been adhered to.

The inspection will also include a production line review to ensure that the correct methods are used at each stage and will also include a final packaging review.

The inspection covers the following:

  • Inspection Of Finished Product
  • Workmanship & Function Test
  • Labeling & Branding
  • Packaging & Carton Markings

This inspection is carried out to AQL standards.

3. Pre Shipment Inspection

This inspection is carried out when all production is finished and at least 80% has been packed to check quality, product totals, packaging, carton packing, shipping marks & documentation.

This inspection is vital to ensure that everything is correct before final payment is made & loading takes place.

Our inspectors randomly select products from each carton and fully test the product as well as ensuring that all correct specifications have been met.

The inspection covers the following:

  • Inspection Of Finished Product
  • Packaging & Packing
  • Cartons & Carton Markings
  • Certifications & Documents

This inspection is carried out to AQL standards.

4. Container Loading Inspection

This inspection covers safe & correct loading procedures, quantity of cartons, as well as packing lists and commercial invoices.

This inspection is designed to ensure that when the goods arrive at their destination, it has been loaded and packed correctly.

Our inspectors will ensure a clean & dry container before any loading takes place. They will ensure all cartons are correctly & securely taped and the correct loading sequence is followed.

This inspection covers container preparation & loading including:

  • Container Preparation
  • Carton Markings & Security
  • Carton Loading & Sequence
  • Final Documents Check

This inspection also checks the volume of the shipment to ensure the correct size container is used and that the shipment can be loaded in full and without any dismantling of cartons.

5. Product Testing & Certification

Product testing is vital to ensure the product meets with required legislation and directives.

We select & arrange samples to be tested from the actual production batch to ensure that the product being tested is relevant to your specific order.

Tests are performed at the request of the customer and can include the following tests:

  • CE Testing & Certification
  • RoHS Testing & Certification
  • FDA Testing & Certification
  • WEEE & MSDS Reports

The customer can request any testing standards or certification which is not included in the above lists.

6. Laboratory Testing

Laboratory testing is carried out at the customer’s requests and can include any specific tests required.

We use accredited & authorised laboratories to perform and certify the tests required.

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